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      FORD Thunderbird 2002-05 FRONT ELECTRONIC MODULE Repair. Only $208

                                     For REAR ELECTRONIC MODULE (R.E.M) Repair click here  at page 2
                                          For  Thunderbird  Engine Computer, Performance ECU,ECM,PCM click here at page 3        

  Front Electronic Modules Repair & Return Service  2002-2005    part numbers:
  with 4 years Limited warranty on repairs.                                         1w6T-13B525-AJ or  AH
  1-2 business day Turn around .                                                        2w6T-13B525-AJ  or  AF
  Free Return shipping  by USPS, 2-3 day Priority Mail.                     3w6T-13B525-AJ  or AG
  when you receive your Repaired module back it will be                   4 ,5,W 6T-13B525 AG,AJ

 Please fill out this   WORK ORDER    page and accompany that in your shipping package.

    Some of the Most Common Problems that we have fixed:
    Instrument Illumination Problems (No Dash illumination & Shift indicator)   
    Head lights issues.
    Front Turn Signal Problems.
    Window inoperable (driver side).
    No Wipers, No Horn.
    Conv. Top.
    Power Steering Assist.(stiff) Code C1925 .                    
      Also Codes such as :B1342,B1438,B1446,B1676.

                                                                      please click on pay now  to pay for repair Service of
                                                                                             your F.E.M. After check out. wait for 5 seconds 
                                                                                             you will be redirected to the Address for shipping.
Thunderbird 2002-2005 Rear Electronic Module (R.E.M) Repair & Return         
                          with 4 Years Limited  Warranty on Repair.   Cost Only   $207. 98
                      part numbers could be : 1W6T-13B524 AG ,   2W6T-13B524 AG ,   3W6T-13B524 AG ,   5W6T-13B524 AG

4 years Limited warranty on repairs.                                            
1-2 business day Turn around .                                                      
Free Return shipping by US Post office, 2-day Priority Mail.                      
 when you receive your module back, it will be ready to install with no programing.  

Please fill out this WORK ORDER  page and accompany that in your shipping package,Very Important  for Repair  procedure.
Also please be advised for this module  you must be a professional shop  and provide  Diagnostic Codes  proof or  Ford  or All Data, Step by step Diagnostic -Tree Chart  procedure print out. which lead you to determine that  the  R.E.M  is the source of the problem. Do not send your module if you are private individual and just guessing  that your R.E.M  is bad.

Common Problems with these Modules are: Door Locks inoperable
Car cranks but won't start. 
Convertible Top , lower, raise
Fuel Pump power control and level signal & sender signal detection 
Rear - Right & Left  Stop and Turn signals
Rear - Parking light left and Right 
passenger side window
High mounted stop lamp
Rear Left and Right side lights                               please click on pay Now to pay for repair of  Rear Electronic Module 
                                                                            After  check out ,please wait for 5 seconds ,you will be
                                                                            redirected to the shipping address page.

                                                                                            page 2         
Ford Thunderbird  2002,2003,2004,2005  Engine Computer (PCM,ECM,ECU)  Repair & Return Service . 
                                                             Repair cost   $ 224
2002-2005 Thunderbird  ECU,ECM,PCM Engine Computer  Performance Unit.   Repair & Return

Part #  1 W6T(or Z)-14 B 205 AA    , 2W6T(or Z)-14B 205 AA,    3W6T(or Z)-14B205 AA  ,    5W6T(or Z)-14B205 AA

4 years Limited warranty on repairs.  
1-2 business day Turn around .  
Free Return shipping by US Post office, 2-day Priority Mail.  
when you receive your module back, it will be ready to install with no additional programing.  

Please fill out this WORK ORDER  page and accompany that in your shipping package.

Please  click on  Pay Now  to pay for Repair, after check out ,you will be Redirected to address page.

                                                              Page 3
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           ECU,PCM  Performance Unit,
Rear Electronic Module
Rear Electronic Module
  Thunderbird 2002 to 2005 ABS Brake Controller (EBCM) Repair & Return 
  PART NUMBERS: 3W4T-2C219-BE ,  or  2W4T-2C219 , or 1W4T-2C219          
  Made by  ATE.               
                                        Repair Cost :   $98.99  
                                        Turn around 2-3 days

  *  Diagnostic Code with their full definition Required. 
  * Not all modules are repairable; Do not ship the pump (BPMV), just the Electronic Controller.
  without  Completed Work order ,we will not do any repair work.

shipping  : Free  Return Shipping  included by US Post Office Priority Mail. 
warranty :   Limited Warranty on repair for 12 months.

                                       click here to pay for repair
                   The Trademarks here are the property of the relevant owners. 
All Material here is protected by Copy right laws. Designed by midwestteckmart © 2012