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  Chevy Corvette 2001-2008 ABS  EBCM Delphi ,Delco.  Repair Service  $60
     Overnight   shipping   (Express Air US POST) available for Extra $45
  Problem symptoms are :
  Loss of communication with Module,
  loss of one or more wheel sensors indication
  Intermittent functionality.  DTC Code C1214 .etc..   
  Send In Your Module for Repair & Return   only  $ 60 

FREE Return SHIPPING by USPS 2-3 days Priority Mail .

click here to pay $60 for Rebuild service

ABS Module Repair for : GM Cars&Trucks & Vans 99-2010
Also similar modules used in Ford Trucks and Japanese Cars and Trucks:

Amigo,Blazer,Bravada,Envoy,Yukon,used also in Ford &
Honda,Isuzu,Jimmy,Rodeo,S10,S15,,Sierra, Silverado, Somoma,Suburban,Tahoe,Z71,Trail Blazer, 
Suburban,Astro Van GMC Safari,Yukon with Traction.
If your ABS Module  Looks like this image ,we can fix it.
manufacturer is   : Kelsey-Hayes   
  $49 Repaired   with life time warranty .

plus shippg cost
Corvette  C6, 2005 2006 2007 2008 
 ABS Control Module Repair Service.
 OEM part Number: 18045489
 Interchangeable Part Numbers:
 15220712 ,15141447
  Problem: DTC Code:CO110   or others.

24 Hours Turn around ,  $143  life time warranty

2007 Buick Lucerne ABS Module Repair& Return 
$89.99 with 4 years warranty.
Turn around is 1-2 business day.
Free Return shipping by Post Office
2days-Priority Mail. click here to pay and 
process your order :

Please fill up the WORK ORDER  and
place it in the Box  that you ship to us.
Corvette C5 , Model Years of 1998 &1999 & 2000 ABS Module (EBCM
Electronic Brake Control Module without or with Active Handling (JL4.)        Repair & Return Service .
Repair & Return Cost  $280 with 2 years Limited Warranty on Repair.

Part Numbers: can be :09360921 ,09356971,09356961,0935696 or with some Variations.

Turn around Time        2-3 business days.
Return shipping           free by US Post  2 days Priority Mail with  Insurance.
Warranty on Repair     2 years.

Problem symptoms:     ABS Light or Traction Control or Active handling light On.

 Fault Codes that we have Repaired before:
C1214, C1218,C1221,C1223 ,C1232,,C1233,C1234,C1243,C1255,C1261 ,C1265,  C1284, P1571 .

For  certain Sensor Codes ,please check their ground  or switch the sensors around, 
also for Abs disabled codes :check the Ground  of Motor as is indicated on the System image, it should be around  or less than  0.5 OHM against Main ground or a good ground on the chassis. 

please fill out WORK ORDER Page ,please be advised  diagnostic Codes must have their FULL Definition off the Scanner . Enclose  completed Work Order Page in your package that you ship to us.  

To pay for  Repair & Return  of ABS Module (EBCM),please click on PAY NOW
you will  be redirected to the shipping address page at the end of checkout.   
CORVETTE 1998 to 2000 
   Brake Control Module
           ( EBCM ) image.
Corvette 98-2000 Complete ABS system
Variations of EBCM Part numbers

In case If  Valve Assembly & Motor(BPMV) needed in combination Test  with the EBCM, please pay the additional $26 cost of Return shipping of the pump.

V  Models with ACTIVE Handling            M  model without Active Handling
               Ground  >>>>>  
= or < 0.2 OHM
Corvette  ABS Repair Service
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