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    Thunderbird 2002-05  Front Electronic Module Rebuild expert  & Ford Trucks Gem. 1995 -2016
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  Chevy Corvette 2001-2008 ABS  EBCM Delphi,Delco Type, Repair & Return Service  $60
     Overnight   shipping   (Express Air US POST) available for Extra $45

 Problem symptoms are :
  Loss of communication with Module,
  loss of one or more wheel sensors indication
  Intermittent functionality.  DTC Code C1214 .etc..   
  Send In Your Module for Repair & Return   only  $ 60 

click here to pay $60 for Rebuild service
Corvette  C6, 2005 2006 2007 2008 
 ABS Control Module Repair Service.
 OEM part Number: 18045489
Interchangeable Part Numbers:
 15220712 .
  Problem: DTC Code:CO110   or others.

24 Hours Turn around ,  $143  life time warranty

2007 Buick Lucerne ABS Module Repair& Return 
$89.99 with 4 years warranty.
Turn around is 1-2 business day.
Free Return shipping by Post Office
2days-Priority Mail. click here to pay and 
process your order :

Please fill up the WORK ORDER  and
place it in the Box  that you ship to us.
Corvette C5 , Models : 1997, 1998 ,1999 , 2000 ABS Module (EBCM) 
Electronic Brake Control Module without or with Active Handling (JL4.)        Repair & Return Service .
Repair & Return Cost  $245  to  $ 400 ( for dealers) with 2 years Limited Warranty on Repair.

Part Numbers: can be :09360921 ,09356971,09356961,0935696 or with some Variation

Turn around Time    2-3  weeks .  
Return shipping           free by US Post  2 to 3 days Priority Mail with  Insurance.
Warranty on Repair  2 years Limited.

Problem symptoms:     ABS Light or Traction Control or Active handling light On.

 Fault Codes that we have Repaired before:
C1214, C1218,C1221,C1223 ,C1232,,C1233,C1234,C1243,,C1261 ,C1265,  C1284, 

For  wheel  Sensor Codes ,please check the sensor  pulse while wheel is turning and or  the resistance of sensor at the ABS Connector.
also for Abs disabled codes :check the Ground  of Motor as is indicated on the System image, it should be around  or less than  0.5 OHM against Main ground or a good ground on the chassis. 
please be aware not all EBCM can be saved or repaired ,also if there has been a prior repair attempt you should call us let us know so we consider if we want to repair such case. The $800 Price  discounted discounted for Dealers, and  Professional service centers  that we can verify them.

please fill out WORK ORDER Page ,please be advised  diagnostic Codes must have their FULL Definition off the Scanner . Enclose  completed Work Order Page in your package that you ship to us.  

This Repair service is Not for private individuals,
Unless they have Scan tools and DVM and are able to check Electronic Parameters that we may need.

payment should be made by the Service Centers who do the diagnostic and repair and have GM Tech2 Scan Tool (a diagnostic Computer also called Scanner). you must enclose : 
a copy of snap shot  picture of the scanner screen as  code  evidence.

 Work Order page must be filled and accompanied with the package that you send in for Repair, without  
WORK ORDER  Repair shall be Rejected.

To pay for  Repair & Return  of ABS Module(EBCM) click on
Pay Now. We have Locked payment Button until we decide whether  your  ABS is fixable ( that depends on The diagnostic Codes ,only then we will open the lock and  instruct you to pay.

After You pay ,you will  be redirected to the shipping address page at the end of checkout to get the shipping address .
CORVETTE 1998 to 2000 
   Brake Control Module
           ( EBCM ) image.
Corvette 98-2000 Complete ABS system
Variations of EBCM Part numbers

In case If  Valve Assembly & Motor(BPMV) needed in combination Test  with the EBCM, please pay the additional $26 cost of Return shipping of the pump..

V  Models with ACTIVE Handling            M  model without Active Handling
               Ground  >>>>>  
= or < 0.2 OHM
Corvette  ABS Repair Service
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   2006 Chevy Corvette  ABS Repair and Return
   with 2 years Limited warranty on repair : $650
                                     (a New Abs Module shown here will cost $1400) 
2006 Chevy Corvette CPE  ABS  MODULE
2006 CHEVROLET 2DR  CPE  Engine Code LS2  ABS (EBCM) Module Repair Return Service. 

 Dealer Part number is : 89060341.   
 Sticker on Module Part # is  15141446  or 1514447

Turn around time is 2 weeks.
Complete Rebuild with 2 Years Limited warranty . DTC Code  C0112  C0121 ABS Lights On  Service Stability Light on.
shipping by USPS Priority Mail .
please fill the Work- Order page and enclose it in your shipping Box.

To  Pay for repair ,please click on Pay Now. $650

Code  C1243
$245  to fix it click to pay now
Code C1232 or any other wheel sensors codes.
$280 to fix them.
Click to Pay Now
 Code C1255 , $370 to Delete this code from your EBCM 
click to pay NOW 
Revision & ​updated  July  2023
Extra Payment for Extra Code 
cost $120 ,click on Pay Now