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    Thunderbird 2002-05  Front Electronic Module Rebuild expert  & Ford Trucks Gem. 1995 -2016
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Ford  Trucks Multi Function Gem. Module Repair & Return Service.
for Most Modules. 1995 to 2008  $145 to  $170.

Usual Problem caused by bad GEM modules: are    2 wheel to 4 w not working,Window,dome light etc.
The payment buttons are Locked on purpose until you call and describe the problem with your Gem DTC coeds . (Mostly NO CODES,NO REPAIR)Then if we take your case ,we will unlock the PayPal  button so you can pay and process the order.
 Ford 1995-1996-1997-1998 -1999-1999 -  2008   F150 , F250,  F350 ,F450  Multifunction  Gem. Module  REPAIR & Return Service : Cost is $145 and for year 2001 and up is $170.  Part Numbers does not matter most are made similar.

* Send in your  Module here to repair it for you, we do not sell this part, we fix them.
* Free  return shipping by USPS 2-3 days Priority Mail. 
* Turn around is  5 business days.
* Limited  2 years  warranty  on repairs. 
Click on PAY NOW  to pay $145 for Repair & Return
After you pay ,wait 5 seconds until you are directed to the Address page  to see the  shipping address.

Please be advised  you must have Concluded that the problem is your GEM Module not just guessing , in other words you are sure . by Diagnostic Code using Scan Tool  which indicates and describes and defines the Problem of the car is in the GEM Module Circuit ;Or  have done the Ford or All Data  Diagnostic -Tree Chart procedures  which concludes the problem is with the GEM  module, do not send The Gem if you are not sure and you want us to do your homework .Also is it essential that we get the WORK ORDER page for repair and warranty and Repair procedure ,without work order  we may reject the repair .

we have over 40 Years of experience in  Electrical engineering  research  & developments design improvements and highly specialized diagnostic  on SMDs.

Please Fill out  Work-Order  Page and  Place it  in  box  that you ship your  Module.

Send in your  most FORD trucks Multi Function GEM module 1996-2000 for repair.   

Repair price  For GEM  1997 to 2000 is $145 with 1 year warranty.

General Repair Price for  GEM Year 2001 and up 
  is $170  with 2 Years  Warranty.

IF your Module is year 2001 and up  click here to pay  $170 for Repair and Return.
After you paid ,please wait 5 seconds until you are directed to the Address page  for shipping address.                                                                             

Part  numbers  does not matter, most Circuit are made similar, we fix them all.

Turn around *  is 5  business days  . Not all Module 
are repairable ; But Most Are.

You pay for your shipping to us, we pay for the return shipping (by post office 2-3 days Priority Mail) back to you.​

You can use Credit  cards, Debit cards, or even prepaid VISA, prepaid Master Card ,or prepaid  PayPal Card.   Click on  " PAY  NOW  to process your Order
You will see the shipping address after che