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    Thunderbird 2002-05  Front Electronic Module Rebuild expert  & Ford Trucks Gem. 1995 -2016
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Mercury Grand Marquis Light Control Modules for Year 2003,2004,2005,2006-2008  Refurbished  with 4 Years warranty,Ready to be shipped to you . TO ORDER

  We have refurbished more than 17000 Modules for Recalls.

Warranty:     4 Years Limited Warranty.

FREE Shipping:  by USPS  2-3 days Priority Mail.

Payment : You can pay by PayPal ,if you do not have Pay pal , Use your credit or debet card , pay to PayPal , They will process it for you . Just click on " Buy Now"

Rebuilt Light Control Modules(OEM),Mercury Grand Marquis,2003-2011   $99 to 129 depending on the year.
with 4 Years Warranty FREE FAST Priority (Expedited) US post Shipping, you get it in 2 days.

LCMs part numbers:                                                                                                                                                          
 3W7T-13C788-AH,AG(2003). 4W7T or Z-13C788-BB BC,AB,AA( 2004). 5W7T-13C788-AA,AB,AC( 2005)          
6W1T-13C788-BB,AB,AC (2006). 7W1T-13C788-AA,AB,AC(2007). 

There is a Core deposit of $55-$75 (for LCM 2006 and up Core deposit is higher) required that you pay at the time of purchase plus $ 80 129cost  for the LCM, Total of $145-$225(depending on the year of car), after you receive the module, you ship the Core in our enclosed Postal self addressed envelope within 15 days ,when we receive your Core ,we will refund your Core deposit within 10 days back to you .  

How to know if  Light Control Module is the Problem in Ford Crown Victoria & Mercury Grand Marquis2003-2011 Read end of this page.

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2003LCM   $99 & $65 deposit
2004  LCM   $100 & $70 deposit
2005 LCC 5W7T13C788AB/AA/BA
$110 & $100  deposit
2006 LCM $120& $75.50 deposi
2007 LCM 7W1T13C788AA
$125 & $77 deposit
2008  to  2011  LCM 8W7T13C788CA
$129 & 120  deposit

                   $64 ONLY

You can SEND IN your own LCM to be rebuilt and save. remember without LCM 
you will loose the lights. and it takes about 3 days to send and 3 days to receive  it back.  the LCM is rebuilt same day and shipped back that day.  Free shipping 2-3 days USPS  priority Mail .
4 Years Warranty.     Total $64
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NO Programming Needed,Ready to install.
                 Any of these poblems is sign of a Bad Light Control Module in Mercury Grand Marquis.
* Head lights Low Beams (only)Turn on & off and eventually  stay off .If the Main switch would be bad None of light would turn on.
* Corner yellow parking lights may not turn on at all anymore.
* Turn signals and Flasher not working.
* Ceiling Light(Dome light) may not work , but the Lamp is good. The B+  ( B-Plus) is missing from LCM Source. 
* High Beam lights are working when whipper handel is  pulled in.(High beams get their power not from LCM).  
* 2006 and upper years, head lights, or high beam lights may not work single right or left ,even when the bulb is OK.
Instrument Illumination (lighting Background for Speedometer, AC,Radio,.. may not work or stay on very Dim only.
* Horn Relay Voltage B+ is missing ,Horn does not work.
REMEMBER IF YOU TAKE LIGHT CONTROL MODULE OUT OF THE CAR, THE ABOVE LIGHTS AND HORN WILL NOT WORK,and In Model Years of 2005 ,2006,2007,2008 and UP, LCM out of the car will lock the shifting and it can NOT be shifted from Park to Drive.

 Image of LCM 2006-2012
Ford Crwon Victoria & Mercury Marquis. in STOCK
click on Buy Now , you can pay by your credit card or Debit card or PayPal
Choose Part Number:
Choose Part Number:
      Mercury Mariner 2008 
     ABS/ EBCM Hydraulic Control  Module.
   Repair & Return Service.

Price :  including shipping  $499
Warranty on repair  is 1 year.

(a new module for this year& model  cost $1800)

we use post office priority Mail for shipping. 

please click here to pay for repair