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    Thunderbird 2002-05  Front Electronic Module Rebuild expert  & Ford Trucks Gem. 1995 -2019
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We accept PayPal  and other Credit Cards, PayPal is Highly Secure for on line payments, it is easy ,and  Fast , You can also pay by your credit cards to PayPal to process your order , if you use your credit card to pay, Just follow the Paypal prompt then enter your credit card infos. in PayPal site ,then PayPal takes care of the rest of transaction for you.   Just click on " BUY NOW " .  After you pay ,you will receive notice from  PayPal and  notify you of your payment.(that is your electronic  receipt)

Payment  Option B :  You can Pay  by  C.O.D. (Cash On Delivery), that you pay at
                  the  time of delivery of the package to US postal carrier, you can either pay
                 by cash ,or Post Office Money Order only,if you choose to take time and
                 obtain your own Postal Money Order,you should deduct the cost of your 
                 money order which is  $1.20 from the  Total Price. The total price is the 
                 Core deposit Plus the module. If you choose to ask for Next Day 
                 Delivery(Air shipment ,there will be extra $30 (by US post).  If you want
                 delivery by Federal Express, the extra charge will be $49 for Next Day. 

                 All Over Night shipment must be placed before 3 PM EDT. otherwise it may
                 be shipped by regular USPS 2-3 days Priority Mail,which is Free shipping.  

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Pre arranged Flat Rate Per  phone conversation , when you pay these chosen prices ,please explain in the PayPal message Box what is this amount  paid for , explain the Item that you agreed to pay for with this agreed upon Flat Rate Price.
      $99 SPECIAL Price ECU Rebuild                       Special Price  PCM rebuilt  $120           Diagnostic Technical Time: $120 Per Hour
                          $198.24 (98+100 Core deposit)
 2003 or 2004 LCM price with Cupon EBC# ?.($100 is returnable Core deposit) You must return the Core within one week,you will receive your deposit within 10 days after we receive your Core( old part) Click Here to pay if you agree >>                                                                                                                                                                  

                              $225   (125 + $100 Core deposit)
2005 LCM For Mercury Grand Marquis or Ford Crown  
 Special Price with Cupon  EBC # ?.($100 is returnable Core deposit) You must return the Core within one week,you will receive your deposit within 10 days after we receive your Core( old part) Click Here to pay if you agree >> 

Lincoln Town car LCM 2002, 2003,2004,2005,2006:Extra cost for  repair of Damaged Core:   (Regular Core cost $98 to rebuild ,if Core is shorted out ,or damaged ,it will take longer time to diagnose and rebuild it. 
  Extra cost is:     $150.26  with 3 years warranty. click here to pay

Special Price with Cupon
Here is How to pay: After you find the page for the part you are looking for,  click on the Yellow capsule shape image with the word PAY NOW or BUY NOW on it, that will connect you directly to payment accepting page managed  by PayPal Co.  If You have  paypal Account ,use it by paying from your balance.If not pay with your Credit Cards or Debit cards or Bank Account,checking account Routing Number by using the second Option on the PayPal Window , just enter the information of your Credit card ,or Bank card ,or even your checking account ,They will process your order on line as if you would call and give those info to a live operator. this way is more secure ,because you do not tell your info to a person. you just enter it. after your payment processed,you will receive a payment confirmation from PayPal Co. which actually is your receipt with a Transaction number .     

Extra  Payment for extra Repair $45                     Due Invoice Payment $50                          Due Invoice Payment $80

Thank you for your support,by paying C.O.D & supporting People's Economy
Postal Money Order made for the amount Minus $1.20 of cash amount
NO Checks
Some of our customer  sent blank Money order
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Generic ECU,PCM,ECM  Repair $89.99