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2002 Cadillac Escalade ABS Control Module(EBCM) Repair & Return Service.
 Part numbers : 88936383 or 88983913 or other # 13292804H, GO7OKUU, or: 13292802F,GO503PC  or :13292804H, G070C3K
 Price  $275 to Repair, turn around is 2 to 3 business day after we receive your package. life time warranty on repair.
Price Revision: August, 23, 2016 ,II Revised February 25,2017

IF your Cadillac Escalade 2002 ABS Module  JL4 Active Brake Control 4WD or FWD  has any of these problems , you are at the right Place to repair it at a reasonanle price of $275  with limited Life Time warranty.   Free Return shipping by Post Office 2-Days Priority  Mail.                    
1 to 2 business day  Turn around after we receive your package.    This price is the reduced price ,our price used to be over 280 dollars.
1-Front Wheels Lock up, 
2-Won't stop last couple of Feet , but Break Pedal Gets Hard but will not stop.
3-Sometimes there is not any warning lights.
4-ABS for Brake do not work Properly,
5-Service Stability Light comes on  when driving at speed of over 5 or 10 miles.
6-ABS Lights Turns On . 
7-Diagnostic Trouble Code are: ABS Indicator Lamp Circuit Short,Pressure Accumulator Leak down.
8-Exessive Dump Time,Exessive Accumulator Charge Time, Shorted EBCM , Yaw sensor .
9-wheel speed sensors out .
Diagnostic Trouble Codes of  Cadillac ESCALADE 2002  ABS Pump Control Module (EBCM). 
C 0 204 ,C 0 285 , C 0 286 , C 0 265 , C 0 269 , C 0 251, C 0 205 , C 0 207, C 0 212 , C 0 223, C 0 246 ,C 0 825 C 0 242.

Here are the steps you should  take before sending your module to me:    
1- Before you try to take off the Module have Work Ordre  Completely Filled up  with, FULL description of the Fault Codes ,The Diagnostic Trouble Codes(DTC Codes).  if you do not  provide DTC Codes with their FULL DESCRIPTION  off the scanner, repair
 will take longer.
2-Pay the amount of $275 by clicking on  this yellow paypal sign,pay with Credit Card ,or debit card or if have PayPal account ,with your PayPal Balance.

3-Place Copy of your Completed and signed  WORK ORDER page inside your package,ship it to the address that you received after you paid on line. 
If for some reason you have to send the whole pump with the Module (if you can not seperate the rusted bolts from the pump )make sure you pack it with several inches of insulation all arround and the Module Facing upin the box, in case if dropped module will not crush by  12-pounds weight of the pump.  

 We will Rebuild your Escalade 2002 ABS Control Module(EBCM), Active Brake Control JL4 4WD or Regular FWD ,update the software with 30% Faster speed .Test it in Computer simulation and return it back to you with LIFE TIME WARRANTY with our special simplified Technical procedure Instruction that you need after installing this Module so you will not have ABS light or Service Stability Light still on or brake pedal height issue or any Codes remaining.Our instruction will help you with few easy simplified steps that we have developed with lots of experience  in this particular Module.


Cadillac 2000-2008 ABS EBCM 

We Rebuild Your ABS 
Module (EBCM)
$125 only, Turn around 
is Next day. with 4 Years warranty
Symptom Problem, 
Module loss of communication
loss of one or more wheel sensors
unstable .

  Image of EBCM                          Cadillac Escalade 2002          Escalade 2002 ,                    ABS  Module picture
  Make :  Kelsey Hayes           MidwestTeckmart

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2003 Cadillac Escalade 6.0 AWD, EBCM ABS Module REPAIR & Return. we rebuild your  Module with  4 Years limited warranty. Turn Around is 1-2 business days. Cost is  $198

Please Fill out the WORK ORDER page  make sure the DTC Codes(Fault Codes)  and Their FULL DESCRIPTION off your Scanner is written completely
and enclose the Page in the package .

To pay  $198 please click on the PAY NOW  . You will  be redirected to Address page after checkout.

     Common Questions: Regarding Escalade 2002  ABS- Module Repair    

1-Where is the 2002 Escalade  ABS Module(EBCM)  located ? & IS THIS SOMETHING I can Take out and send it myself ?  It is located Under the Car ,somewhere in the area of between the  driver seat and passnger seat near Fuel Filter. This is NOT a do it yourself Project,You need Professional set up, Like Lift for automatic  bleeding with all 4 Tires off, Full espectrum professinal Scanner capable of  Automatic Bleeding Procedures like a TECH 2 Scanners can  do.  and access to All Data system. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME or my Technical Time.                                                               

2-Can I drive my Escalade if the ABS(EBCM) is taken off ?:  Yes.Only if the ABS Module part(the Electronoc Part is seperated , not the Pump assembly also Called Valve assembly also called BPMV ).In the case when EBCM /ABS module is seperated from the car,all connectors/Harnesses must be covered with aluminum foil then duck taped to prevent water,dust or mud splashing into wiring connectors.) when the ABS/Module(the electronic Part) is seperated from the Car, the car computer system automatically switches to manual , the car . is driveable,but does not have ABS.(Automatic Brake Control System). 

3-What happens if the entire Valve assembly (or so called: Pump or BPMV) is taken off ? .You can not Drive the car .

4-We tried to open the 4 bolts that hold the ABS Module(EBCM the electronic Control Part)from the Pump(the Valve assembly) but it is rusted and we were told the whole thing has to be taken out. can we send the ABS with the whole pump assembly to you for rebuild ? Yes you can ,But try to spray loosener spray  not on the bolts but on the base of the bolts where the Plastic Module meets the metal suface of valve assembly and wait for a while.IF you can not open the rusted bolt ,try to cut off the head of that bolt that is rusted with small circular Carbon fiber saw,The  whole system is about 14 pounds, while the ABS-Module(the black Plastic Controller Part is only 2 pounds),the Cost of shipping can be $45 Extra,but if you send the ABS Module only ,there is no extra shipping charge to you ,in this case we cover the regular cost of shipping . 
5-How much is the cost if we send Only the electronic Module ? $275  ,shipped back in 2-3 business day. 

6-one of the wheels locks up after driving for a while. we replaced the caliper ,hoses and some parts,did not fix the problem ,any idea?  YES:" Blessed Are those who seek the  guidence from the guided one (the experienced Experts )," also remember  little knowledge is dangerous.!. The ABS/EBCM will cause those  problems when is defective.You could have saved yourself some time and cost by having the car Scanned by Scan tool ,it would have indicated the problem with the EBCM (the electronic Control part of the ABS :the Module).
If you have to ship the whole Pump /valve assembly ,make sure is well insulated ,and the Plastic part(the electronic ABS Module) is facing the top of the box ,in case is dropped the the module will not be crushed .
7-Shipping ?  Shipping is by US Postal service (USPS),We do not ship Standard also Called Ground ,it is too slow and takes 6 days .We ship Priority Mail which only takes 2 days from here to your address.

8-What is Fast and lower Price to ship our Module to you?  We think is Post office "Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate Box ,it cost Flat Price of $12.65 ,and it takes 2 days to ship from your address to ours.",You do not need any Tape or packaging Materials ,Just rap the module in 7 or 8 pages of wrinckled news paper or soft insulation and place it in one of those Free big White & Red Flat Boxes (priority Mail Printed on them) with self adheisive on both sides (3"x12"x20") that are available  FREE in the post office lobby,Priority mail Comes with FREE Tracking Number printed on your receipt that you can track at or calling 1800-222-1811  at  post office. 

  &            &        Detroit ,Michigan                                                                                    Pictures of ABS Module (EBCM) of  Cadillac Escalade 2002                          

Something like this will take extra $150 to rebuild
2003  Cadillac CTS ABS Module (EBCM) $165 to repair. with 4 years Limited warranty.Turn arround is 1 business day  and shipped back to you by postal Priority mail which takes 2 days from our location to your address,Total of 3 days  from the day that we receive it, you will have your rebuilt module back. Please make sure to fill out
 Work Order page with the codes and  their  full descriptions and place that form in the package that you ship to us, without code descriptions  repair may be delayed or repair may be rejected. after you pay for this rebuild service by Credit Card or debit cards,or if you have PayPal account with your paypal balance,you will receive email for  your payment confirmation from us and one of our  shipping address  locations  to ship it to.                                                                                                             Click here to pay $165
Different Variation models.
WARNING: Please read the following...

Installing this particular ABS Module(EBCM)Cadillac Escalade 2002 Module,Due to sophisticated Architecture of this Module based on lots of safety  redundancy design on heavy weight and High Quality systems  in Cadillac Escalade SUV and other precision sensors of the dynamic of this design, The installation of  this rebuilt ABS Module/EBCM requires good Technical skills, professional equipment and Safe Electronic Testing knowledge working with complicated System after installation, You may have some ABS light, Service Stability Light or the Pedal Heights adjustment issue present after installation,  ,unless  you are a shop with professional setting and experienced ,we can not communicate with you in technical issue that requires pre-requisit knowledge,we will not have tech support for you, This process may also involves removing all 4 tires, The ABS Pump (BPMV) must  be re-calibrated. This process should only be performed by a professional with the proper Scan Tools and experience and equipment. Midwesteckmart WILL NOT be held responsible for any damages caused directly or indirectly by the installation of this Module. We do not offer any support in the installation or calibration. If you have to ask for help, you shouldn't be attempting the repair yourself.                     

Special Procedures for  after installation of a rebuilt module will be provided to you with each rebuilt EBCM ABS Module.
These are the images of  2002 Cadillac Escalade ABS Module ,also
Image of 2002 Chevy Silverado ABS Module
Also Image of Chevy Tahoe 2002 ABS Module
also  image of 2002 Chevy Avalanche ABS/EBCM  Module. 
Also Image of 2002 Yukon ABS Module
The same ABS/EBCM used in all these cars.
Double click here to add text.
Extra Repair cost  for Damaged Module with missing or Broken Coil Magnets. $115
Cadillac CTS 2004-2005 ABS EBCM Repair  Service, cost  $194.50
with 4 years Limited Warranty.      
GM ECU PN   25774083      and      GM  ASM PN  25774077 PN 

Turn around is 1-2 business days.  After repair  we ship it back by US Post Office 2 Days Priority Mail .
Please make sure to Fill out WORK ORDER page ,with diagnostic code and its description .

Click here to pay for  repair.  after check out you will be redirected to address page  to ship it to.

NEW. EBCM Exchange with a rebuilt unit,  which  we send you. Exchange price : $599    plus $125 shipping & handling cost .(click on next button on the side. when you send your repairable Core you get your $125 Core  refund, some shorted out core may not qualify for full $125 shipping refund.

Shipping and Handling for 2002 Cadillac Escalade EBCM exchange program. please pay this amount  of $125 after you paid the Exchange price of $599.