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    Thunderbird 2002-05  Front Electronic Module Rebuild expert  & Ford Trucks Gem. 1995 -2016
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2001 to 2011 Lincoln Town Car , Remanufactured Lighting Control Modules, (LCM). 
Part numbers  are shown in front of  each  year  of Module that is listed.
​Rebuilt LCMs with 4 Years warranty in stock ready to ship by USPS priority Expedited shipping . Price is $99.90 to $116.54 with Core exchange & 4 years Warranty. Orders  placed after 4 PM Eastern , will be  processed Next business day.                          
                                                                         IN STOCK READY TO SHIP TODAY
There is a $100 to $300 Core deposit ,you will receive it back when you return the Core(your old part). At time of Purchase you pay Part price plus $100-$300 Core deposit,Total of $199.70-$416.54 (depending on the year of Module)you must return the Core within 15 days from time you received our package,you install our rebuilt module ,and take the old Part and place it in the Enclosed Self addressedenvelope in the package ,Mail it ,within 15 days, we will credit back your $100  or More ,deposit the same way you paid us within 10 days after we receive your old part:(the Core ,must be in repairable condition Not water or fire damaged,not shorted manually or Tampered beyound regular repair time).You will receive an email from PayPal Notifying you that you received Money ,which is your deposit .You must return the Core or you will not get our 4 Years warranty coverage. some years of productions in certain modules are compatible even if the first digit one number lower or higher. 
Instruction for LCM Location, How to remove Light control Module,& installation will be emailed to you when we ship the part.  
​For Item that are Returned  there will be 25%  Restocking Fee plus shipping , deducted from your payment and the rest will be refunded.

Problem with these LCMs  in Lincoln Town car: The TAIL lights ( Marker lights ) goes off, Turn signal problem,Battery Drainage,some lights saty on.or off , our Complete Rebuilt Light Control Module  Lincoln Town Car 2001-2011 will solve any of these problems for Good.
Part Number for Lincoln Town Car, 2001 -2002 Light Control Module is : 1W1T-13C788AF
to order: click on Buy Now: $225 ($125+$100 Core deposit).

You also can send in your own  2001 to 2011 Lincoln Town car LCM to be rebuilt for only $70 with 4 Years Warranty.
 New price for  2001 and up rebuild service is $70  this price is for normal wear problems ,units that are tampered with in attempt to repair may cost more or may even be rejected if circuit has damage and is  beyound repair.
Please Fill up the work order and place  it in the package with your LCM and send it by Post office 2-3 day priority mail,Turn around is 5 business day ,it will be shipped back to you by expedited,2-3 days priority mail.
you will receive email for  the shipping address after check out.You can pay with Credit Cards,or debit cards,or PayPal. your payment will be processed by PayPal ,but you do not have to have PayPal to pay.

Click here to pay $70

2003 Lincoln Town car LCM: Part Number  3W1T-13C788AD,or DC   $415.53 ($125.53 + $300 Core deposit)         
to order click on Buy Now:
2004 Lincoln Town car Light Control Module ,Part Number:
 4W1T or 4W1Z -13C788BA,AD,or BA
$416.54 ($126.54 + $300 Core deposit)  to order Click on BuyNow:
2006 Lincoln Town Car Light Control Module
part Number 6W7T-13C788 AA ,BB,or BA
$199.60    to order Click on Buy Now
2007 Lincoln Town Car Light Control Module
Part Number 7W7T-13C788 AA BE
$199.70  to order Click on Buy Now
2005 Lincoln Town Car Light Control Module
Part Number 5W1T-13C788-AE or AD. or BA
  295.50 ($135.50+160 Core  deposit)
 to order Click on Buy Now
2008 Lincoln Town Car Light Control Module
Part Number  8W1T-13C788 AA
$199.80 to order Click on Buy Now
2009 Lincoln Town Car Light Control Module
Part Number 8W1T-13C788 BB
$199.90 to order Click on Buy Now
2010 -2011 Lincoln Town Car Light Control Module Part Number 8W1T-13C788 AE
$199.11 to order Click on Buy Now
Quantity LCM Repair Discount Price,
choose quantity then click on PayNow

Quantity discount price    3 LCMs    $120

Quantity discount price    4 LCMs    $160

Quantity  discount price    5 LCMs    $200

Quantity  discount  price   6 LCMs   $240

Quantity  discount  price   7 LCMs   $266

Quantity  discount  price   8 LCMs   $304

Quantity discount  price   10 LCMs  $380

LCMs that are burnt  in circuit  too much  or  water damaged or tampered  and damaged  may not be repairable.
LCMs that are used in or for commercial vehicles or purchased in these 
quantities are  warrantied  only for  14 Months from the time of repair or purchase.
Return shipping back to you is Free and  is done by Post Office Priority Mail (which in most cases take 2 days ,and in certain far away addresses from main cities takes 3 days to arrive).

Quantity Discount LCM Reapir
You can also send your LCM we Test it for you.