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    Thunderbird 2002-05 Electronic Modules Repair specialist & Ford F-150 Gem. We have locked other  pages due Limited work force.
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Welcome to MidwestTecKmart and  an Electronic Company for  Electronic Modules and Commercial Controls , and Industrial Controls. We sell and Service  LCM  , EBCM ECU,Thunderbird Front Electronic Module & REM. & PLC Industrial Control Complex Circuit Boards.

This Month Features Sales are:  Toyota Rav4 Engine Computer ECU 2001-2003  rebuild yours $98 only
                                                                                   one of our services, BEST SELLER 

 Sale: ESCALADE 2002 ABS Module & Cadillac 2003-05 CTS ABS Module, Electronic Brake Control Module (EBCM) Rebuild Service                                      one of our Exclusive  Expert service

 Thunderbird Front Electronic Modules   2002-2005 rebuild it here for ( Flat Price ) $190 ONLY         
                                                                              Updated  JANUARY , 2022
Ford  Trucks  Gem  Modules  Repairs.

 Sale: LCM $99 to $129 Refurbished Lighting Control Modules For Mercury Grand Marquis & Ford Crown Victoria. From 2003 To 2011 BOOSTED UP not to Fail Ready to ship to you now.  No Down time for your car.
 with 4  Years warranty. EXCHANGE Your Failed LCM with our Rebuilt one.          

                                           Dealer Price For These modules is OVER $500

Sale: Refurbished  Lincoln Town Car 1998 ,1999, 2000 Light Controls Modules
with 4 Years warranty.BOOSTED UP not to Fail $129  (Free Shipping for Send& Return) No more Tail Lights missing. Also  Lincoln Town 2001,2002,2003,2004.2005,2006,2007.2008.2009,2010,2011 

                 Ready to  ship  to you today ,Ready to install with no additional Programming

 Or you can take your LCM out and ship it to us to rebuild it for only Total of $64

                              We have rebuilt for Recalls Over 19,000  of these Modules                               

                            If you are not familiar with how to pay  click on Payment                                        

payment : you can pay by Credit Cards, Debit Cards, and now by your Bank account. Your payment is processed by PayPal Co. you do not have to have PayPal account ,But if you do you also can pay by your PayPal balance.

We are located in Detroit suburb, our shipping address is in  Allen Park ,Michigan & Dearborn ,Michigan
Hours of operation:  10 am to 6 pm  Eastern Times.  Monday - Friday .   Shipping address Page will appear After 
your Payment at the check out.    

  DIY  INSTALLATION  FOR LIGHTING  CONTROL MODULE will be included when you purchase LCMs.

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You Also Can Send your LCM to Test it for you. pay only $35 

Due to Limited work force caused by the Covid Virus we only accept orders for Thunderbird Modules ;Ford Truck GEM Modules  , Rest of Pages are Locked for clicks at this time. .                                                                 updated .  JANUARY  2022